Aux Armes de Bruxelles

Rue des Bouchers, 13 - 1000 Bruxelles

Authentic Belgian food in a chic historic setting!

In the heart of the Sacred islet, Aux Armes de Bruxelles offers tasty Belgian cuisine. A treat for the taste buds in a beautiful era atmosphere.

District : Galeries Royales Sainte-Hubert

Characteristics : Restaurants Cuisines Belgian Gastronomic Brewery


The revival of a Brussels gastronomic institution

Rudy Vanlancker, who is the owner of the nearby restaurant Chez Léon, has a special affection for Les Armes de Bruxelles since his childhood. It is therefore natural that he bought the brand following its decline in 2018. Renovated from top to bottom, the brewery, reopened a few months ago and  it has found its soul of yesteryear, while maintaining its family-chic spirit. This resurrection is due to this new direction, expertise and passion about good Belgian tables.


A modern kitchen in a historic setting

An old Brussels house - some 120 years old - which houses the restaurant contributes greatly to its character. Inside, high ceilings, warm woods, gilding and chandeliers ensure the splendor of the place. The room staff, courteous and professional, wears their period uniform perfectly: starched white jacket and epaulettes.

Only the kitchen has been modernized. Chef Cédric Callenaere, formerly with the Roue d'Or stoves or the Brasserie de Bruxelles, concocts typical Belgian-Brussels recipes with high quality ingredients.


On the map, classic and elegant, we find among others these great classics of local gastronomy:


- Grilled turbot butter butler,

- The flying chicken wing,

- Creme brulee with cuberdon,

- The crepe soaring in the dining room,

- The shrimp croquettes,

- The oysters in season ...


They gladly accompany these delicious dishes with a glass of wine, to choose from their selection.


The restaurant is divided into three different atmospheres: the brewery, the rotunda and the bodega. And the whole Brussels has been there for decades, for a drink and to enjoy some delicious Belgian and traditional dishes, cooked with love and also the know-how!


Business hours :

Open Sunday to Thursday from 12h to 23h and Friday to Saturday from 12h to 23h30




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Aux Armes de Bruxelles
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