Alain Dupont - Hairdressers Women

Alain Dupont - Hairdressers Women

The best biological cares for the hair

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Discover the AVEDA ecosystem along with the professionalism of Alain Dupont and his wife.

These are two people who are resolutely devoted to the organic movement. But this is not just a superficial fad for them. This is a philosophical commitment.

Alain Dupont et Aveda

Alain and Catherine Dupont, professional hairdressers, are the only ones in Brussels to care for your hair and your skin exclusively with AVEDA products, products of Ayurvedic design. This means that the use of these naturally derived products is based on common values, mutual respect for our planet, and on a shared passion for high-level creative and technical work. The combination of these values is what enables their clients to have a truly unique experience.

Natural products for your hair

The natural coloring products at Alain Dupont produce shiny hair with unequaled reflection and depth of color. This salon is all about perms as natural as one could wish and exclusive and fabulous care based on organic plants and essential oils. Of course without forgetting the quality of the cut which will be in perfect harmony with your hair type and your preferences.


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