Atelier des Pâtes

Atelier des Pâtes A Little Italy at the heart of Brussels !

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Enjoy and share delicious fresh pasta in a friendly atmosphere

Yes to pasta but even more to fresh pasta!

Since 2016, the Atelier des Pâtes welcomes you two blocks away from the Royale Square. You can enjoy pasta but not the usual ones! There you can taste the unique Italian recipes of fresh pasta from the three young owner’s grandmothers.

Originally from the Abruzzes Region, Jonathan, Marco and Mariano serve you typical meals and delicious slowly cooked sauce from this part of the world.

Spaghetti, Casarecce, Pappardelle, Tagliolini, Fusili, Conchiglie… All these pastas are made traditionally by hand on site. It is the opportunity for you to rediscover the pasta and your taste buds will ask for more!


Before you devour the pasta or ravioli, let yourself be surprised by the antipasti of the Chef: breaded olives stuffed with meat and truffle, caponata with aubergine… After that, you won’t want to leave without a sweet touch.

The menu is different every three months depending on the seasons and the chefs’ desire; a good excuse to be back…

The Aperitivo. A beautiful tradition straight from Italy

You may have had the chance to have a taste of this tradition in Italy… well, you can enjoy it again in Brussels! If you haven’t taste it yet, you will adopt it in a heartbeat! What is the Aperitivo? It’s simple… you order your favourite drink and enjoy a free buffet dinner with various fresh cooked pasta all night.

Meet with your friends at the Atlier des Pâtes for an enjoyable Italian night. Only on Wednesday, every two weeks. You can also follow them on Facebook to never miss an Aperitivo night.

On the menu, for drinks, you can choose according to your taste between good biological Italian wines and cocktails.