Au Stekerlapatte

Au Stekerlapatte A typically belgian brasserie with a true Brussels spirit

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A haven for artists is hidden by the stylish bistro look at Au Stekerlapatte.

Tucked in the heart of the historic Marolles neighborhood, quite a bit of local personalities have passed through this restaurant.


Pure Brussels spirit at Au Stekerlapatte

Au Stekerlapatte is filled with the spirit of all the people who have one day spent some time on their wood benches. Typical Belgian decoration, founded in the 1970s, that has never lost its charm. Artists meet up in this historic district of Brussels for a drink, a bite to eat and to enjoy the special atmosphere. Dutch and French speakers mix for a pleasant and friendly ambiance. Stekerlapatte was recently cited by the humorist Nicolas Bedos in one of his chronicles. Other personalities such as Arno and Stéphane De Groodt have also paid this great place on rue des Prêtres a visit.


On the menu

Au Stekerlapatte a typically Belgian menu. Shrimp croquettes, bloempanch, pig foot, jambonneau, prime cut of beef with shallots, waterzooi and ribs. There’s something to get your mouth watering. And why not finish the meal off with a delicious tarte Tatin or an Irish Coffee. Au Stekerlapatte also serves a lunch formula every day. Great food and fun with friends await you at this traditional Belgian brasserie.