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Baobab Collection creates upscale and handmade scented candles and home fragrances.

Those are true items of decoration that have the ability to make you travel around the world for a wonderful and unique sensory adventure.


Baobab Collection: an idea coming from far far away

In 2002, in Tanzania: enchanting landscapes, intense colors, bewitching perfumes. That's in the great African spaces that the idea of a collection of scented candles has grown. The goal is to make people live this incredible sensory experience. In 2004, the idea evolved into the “All Seasons” brand of Baobab Collection: nine unique colors and fragrances that excite our senses and make us travel in the cradle of humanity… Since then, the collection of candles and perfumes has evolved into 4 new lines: les Prestigieuses, les Exclusives, Pearls, Feathers and other scented candles in limited editions.


Home fragrances: a visual and olfactory journey

Since then, Baobab Collection has evolved into new lines of home fragrances and scented candles. All are inspired by the beauty of the earth. Candles evoke the gemstones from the Pacific Islands, the Russian steppes or even the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Those are some prestigious and elegant creations that will each time take you on a new visual and olfactory journey. Baobab Collection has also a large line of home fragrances that will fill your home with the sweetest atmosphere.


Candles and fragrances: a unique craftsmanship

The scented candles Baobab Collection are designed in Belgium; each candle is manually poured in a unique heated glass. The materials are meticulously selected for their outstanding quality and the fragrances are developed in Grasse, the historical center of perfumery. Upscale craftsmanship and the respect of the environment are the two fundamental values of Baobab Collection.

Spring Summer 2019 Limited Editions

An ode to exceptional materials... Modernista will be the overarching theme for the Spring-Summer 2019 limited edition collections in order to highlight Baobab Collection's artisans expertises in the exceptional pieces they make. Glass, raffia, and ceramics will be this season’s primary materials, in three colors that make up a sophisticated collection that can be mixed and matched in a modern and decorative way.