Belga Queen

Belga Queen

Let’s take a gastronomical trip throughout Belgium

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Driven by the passion of his two businesses, interior architect and restaurant owner, Antoine Pinto created for you a one of a kind restaurant in the heart of Brussels: Belga Queen.

Everything in this magnificent 18th and 19th century building has been analyzed so that you can experience an exceptional moment ... The harmony of music, lighting, tones, the comfort of the leather chairs .... even the toilets are special.

And in the kitchen at Belga Queen, the chef and his team work creatively to blend flavors in total harmony.

Oyster seller, restaurant, beer bar, club

Each area in Belga Queen has its own character. Up to you to discover ...

  • The renowned oyster place where you can enjoy, while sitting or standing, oysters, hot or cold lobster and seafood of impeccable freshness.
  • The high end brasserie-restaurant, unique both by its decor and its menu, which showcases the best of Belgian products with a twist.
  • The beer bar open continuously and its selection from all over the country.
  • The club, located in the vault, offers cocktails, liqueurs, cigars and great wines worthy of their appellation.

Prestigious setting, refined cuisine, attentive service

If you want to taste Brussels' exceptional dishes in an exceptional setting, this place is for you. The Belga Queen combines comfort and elegance, space and privacy and in your plate, purity and refinement.