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BHR Clinic The hair clinic that removes your hair problems

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BHR Clinic, hair grafting experts guarantee optimal results, thanks to our personalised treatment carried out by a professional team.

Hair grafting

BHR Clinic is aimed at anyone suffering from baldness. Baldness affects around a quarter of men between 20 and 30 and almost two thirds of men over 60. Far less commonly, baldness can also affect women (4-8%.) Treatments for baldness range from taking medication to surgical intervention. Medication is a short-term solution and has been a popular remedy for baldness for several years. Unfortunately, they are only a temporary solution as results will cease to appear when the treatment itself is stopped. However, hair grafting offers the advantage of being permanent.

BHR Clinic

BHR Clinic benefits from having a devoted medical team who combine their international experience in hair grafting with an innate artistic ability to redefine natural hair lines and restore a thick and natural head of hair. BHR Clinic uses advanced technology and sophisticated techniques to carry out hair grafts which are both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. In a welcoming yet professional environment, BHR Clinic assures you full support from the moment you walk through the door through to your post-operative aftercare.