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Le Chemin des Vignes - Stockel Le Chemin des Vignes

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Chemin des Vignes The Chemin des Vignes sells wine from the best French winemakers. Our Champagne's range has grown up with the addition of the Baron de Rothschild Champagnes, a top quality brand.

The Chemin des Vignes has also other famous references such as: Château Minuty, Châteaux Montus et Bouscassé d'Alain Brumont, Guigal, La Chablisienne, Joseph Mellot, Zind-Humbrecht , Amiral and Brulières de Beychevelle...

Tasting at Chemin des Vignes

At Chemin des Vignes, we are going to 'wine your appetite', which is not a joke since we really trust in tasting. Everyday, we plan wine tastings, those will make you traveling through new countries or they will confirm the nice and quality wines you've already known. Moreover, at our wine bar, you may also find cheese plates, cooked meals and tapas... We always have nice special offers and old bottles, because it is required to make some space for new wines and vintages. Our range of alcohols. Chemin des Vignes has Cognacs from la Maison Camus, a large range of choice of Whisky and Rum as well as Armagnac, Calvados and so many more at its disposal. At Stockel, we have a spacial 'Cafés Grandes Origines' corner, where you may find 10 excellent types of coffee, 100% Arabica. Moreover, we also sell expresso machines 'Jura'.

Le Chemin des Vignes, two different places

Le Chemin des Vignes - Stockel Avenue Orban, 219 1150 Woluwé-Saint-Pierre Languagess : French - Dutch - German - English Phone : 02/763 07 02 - GSM 0475 43 30 65 Mailto : [email protected] Le Chemin des Vignes - Uccle Parvis Saint-Pierre, 5 1180 Uccle Langues : French - Portugese - English Phone : 02/345 93 35 Mailto : [email protected]