Chemistry & Botanic's

Chemistry & Botanic's

Chemistry and botanic serving delicious cocktails

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Chemistry and Botanics, a friendly service, unexpected ingredients and a lot of creativity, in short the perfect cocktail for a good evening!

Located on the Place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés, push the doors of Chemistry and Botanic's, the new cocktail bar, to savor their original creations or revisited classics, completely renewed throughout the seasons.


Explosive cocktails

Chemistry and Botanic's: a name that is a little surprising but that makes sense as soon as you look at the map. All cocktails are developed on the one hand, using techniques from chemistry and on the other hand, through the use of unusual spices, plants, fruits and vegetables. Amazing and refreshing, these cocktails take you to real discoveries in mixology!

At the helm of this original venue are two professional and passionate bartenders, Michaël Fontaine and Euthyme Matsos, who take a real pleasure in testing the ingredients and playing with the flavors. Extraction, infusion, roasting, color changes, get ready to be stunned ... To make your mouth watery, the signature cocktail of the house: Pineapple Incident – Rum Plantation infused with pineapple, Green Chartreuse, Creole Bitter, homemade pandan syrup and lime juice.

In addition to all their delicious cocktails, Chemistry and Botanic's also offers a range of services around their profession.


To go further in your tasting

If you want to share this experience, Chemistry and Botanic's organizes workshops and events for your private events ranging from the cocktail workshop to the tasting session. You can also enjoy the excellence of their bartending service for your private or corporate events by reserving the premises.