Comme Chez Soi

Comme Chez Soi

Comme Chez Soi


23 Place Rouppe, 23 1000

What can we possibly say about "Comme chez Soi" which has not already been written? When you come in you are walking into the holy of holies of the gastronomic Universe, it means opening up your eyes (and your taste buds, obviously) to an exceptional culinary world, first allowing yourself to be won over by the sumptuous décor, in homage to Horta, which exudes every one of the 80 years that this exceptional restaurant has been going. In the early days it was a common enough place called "Chez Georges" but three-quarters of a century on it is now one of the heavenly bodies of Belgian gastronomy.

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    Place Rouppe, 23 , 23 - 1000 Bruxelles


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