Coutellerie du Roi

Coutellerie du Roi A place full of history where to choose your knife is an art

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There are shops that lack both soul and history, which you visit through necessity and which are immediately forgotten. There are others that draw you in for the pleasure, by curiosity, or that just look interesting. La Coutellerie du Roi is assuredly one of the latter.

The Coutellerie du Roi : a story

First of all at the Coutellerie du Roi, there is the decor, unique and sumptuous, dating back to 1881, when that strange Passage du Nord which joins Rue Neuve at Place De Brouckère was built. The store has a classified facade that is used as a model for the restoration of the neighbouring shops. There is also interior shelving, a spiral staircase and a cash register made of original wood. Then there is the warm welcome of the owner. One will discover a remnant of the soul of Brussels in her, in her speech...a slight accent, subtle, but definitely there... but especially in her way which makes you feel, from the moment you cross the threshold, as if she has known you for forever and a day.

The shop's purpose

Blades and steel without end. Knives and scissors for all and much more: scissors - egg-cutters - nail clippers - shears - cigar-cutters - pipe-cleaners - razor blades (with genuine shaving brushes) - kitchen knives and pepper grinders

Cooking knife specialists

Would you like to make dishes like a top chef? You can learn at Coutellerie du Roi. They do offer a wide range of quality cooking knives. Professional knives, ceramic knives, steel knives... you can surely find what you need to complete your collection and cook like a pro.


Take advantage of the tips on maintenance and correct usage at Coutellerie du Roi: how to shave properly(!), how to sharpen your knives, etc.