De Angelis Coiffure - Cinquantenaire

De Angelis Coiffure - Cinquantenaire

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De Angelis Coiffure serves as a barometer for trends in terms of haircare. The two founders, Katarina and Alberto, have trained all over Europe learning new techniques. Both of them spent several years coiffing the heads of European stars of television and advertising, as well as for a variety of shows and fashion shows. And of course, they’re always open to new developments and techniques in the profession; creativity comes first and foremost, leading trends instead of simply following them.

Healthier hair thanks to De Angelis Coiffure

By choosing De Angelis Coiffure, you’re making an excellent choice for your hair. They are one of the few hairdressers who use wooden brushes rather than metal: brushes that don’t damage the hair during drying and take longer to use, with a better final result.

De Angelis also offers INOA, an odourless and ammonia-free hair colour that will make your hair three times shinier.