Debailleul Chocolates, homemade pastries and tea room on the Grand-Place

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Debailleul opens its doors on the Grand Place. With chocolates and pastries which are 100% home made, the tea room is warm and welcoming!

Its secret is the legacy of incomparable know-how

Founded in 1983, the chocolate-pastry shop excels in the refinement of its products and ranks as a high-end and luxurous shop. The founder, Marc Debailleul has been elected as  the best  in France, with the title of  prestigious and coveted that confirms a perfect mastery of the House Debailleul. Over the years, it is a true expertise made in Belgium that has developed while keeping in mind its heritage and its French learning. Today, the key words are the passion and dedication that allow new and innovative recipes to emerge!


Many specialties are to be tested

Whatever your sin, we promise that you will be satisfied! Pralines, Brussels waffles, macaroons and pastries of all kinds are among the delights offered in  the Tea Room, all homemade and with love! You will thus find the unique taste of the artisan in these new flavors. You can enjoy the best hot chocolate of the Grand-Place prepared with a blend of homemade dark chocolate!

The House pays particular attention to ensuring that all its ingredients are refined and of high quality for an exquisite result.


Right in front of the Town Hall

Located in the heart of Brussels, the Tea Room offers a breathtaking view of the Town Hall at Grand Place. Inside, it is a chic and elegant pink powdery decoration, "boudoir" style that awaits you. The Tea Room is well laid out, a very nice space with trendy and comfortable armchairs, just perfect for a sweet, alone or accompanied relaxation!


In front of the shop, the elegant terrace offers you the opportunity to taste chocolates and pastries while enjoying the extraordinary spectacle offered by the Grand Place in Brussels!

For lovers of sweets and delicacies, do not hesitate to take a walk during your walk in Brussels, your taste buds will definitlely remember this experiece.

The Maison Debailleul is definitely the icing on the cake of the Grand-Place, this magnificent place is full of history and secrets but with a tender and warm heart!  Make a date at this irresistible delicious shop.


Opening time :



Monday to Friday from 12 noon to 9 pm

Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 9 pm

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