Agnes School

Agnes School A school of life thanks to a bilingual education of quality

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Welcome to the École Agnès School, a Belgian school with international dimensions. The program is composed of bilingual immersion education (FR/EN or FR/NL) and Christian values.

The Agnes School teaches French, English or Dutch from the youngest age. How? By practicing the linguistic immersion or by choosing to learn English, Dutch or French in order to become bilingual as quickly as possible. It’s also the best place to learn French when you come from English or Dutch-speaking countries.

Why choosing immersion?

Bilingualism provides a high level of knowledge and motivation for the target language. It also allows the learning of cultural wealth and a higher capacity to listen and to understand things. At Agnes School, whether you’re learning French, English or Dutch, immersion education brings you higher intellectual awareness, concentration, attention and capacity to adapt.

A child becoming a grown-up

Besides learning thanks to the presence of a cultural mix at Agnes School, the teaching staff relies on making children more responsible. At Agnes School, it’s willing to make children more eager to live a fully human life where learning isn’t just about gaining knowledge. It is also about developing respectable habits such as studying, looking for the truth, and using freedom and integrity in a responsive way.

A bilingual school, a catholic school, a school of life!

From 20 months, pre-primary school in French. From 3 to 12 years old, immersion Fr/En or Fr/Du, formal degree at the end (CEB, IDP, and Certificate of Cambridge).