Erbario Toscano

Erbario Toscano

Rue du Marché Aux Herbes, 73
1000 Bruxelles

Erbario Toscano moved to the rue du Marché aux ... Herbes!

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Push the doors of Erbario Toscano and discover their 3 universes of natural products and labels for your home or for you ...

Cosmetics, Room Fragrances and Eau de Parfum

By taking up the codes of perfumed and graceful soaps " pots pourris " of dried flowers that have made its original reputation. Erbario Toscano has modernized and extended its range to beautiful bottles and indoor atmosphere diffusers. Preserving this tradition of natural products ( 15 scents and 3 sizes, from 100ml to 1L), to the creation of 5 lines of cosmetics based on 5 fragrances of indoor fragrances and 2 other organic lines, called Pure Rose and Elixir d'Olive (without paraben, neither SLS, SLES, silicones or dyes, and without tests on animals), and finally a range of Eau de Parfum (10 fragrances).


Natural body care products from the Tuscan terroir up to exotic flavors

The range Erbario Toscano has made the way to reach us, and more precisely in the main artery next to this Grand-Place that the whole ... earth envy us.

The Rue du Marché aux Herbes is like an authentic homecoming for Erbario Toscano. A beautiful family story that begins at the end of the golden sixties when Guido Bertozzi creates a line of soaps based exclusively on plants and fruits from his region, Tuscany. Then comes the American dream with a successful showcase located in the heart of New York, where his youngest son Egisto grew up and whose return to Tuscany will quickly translate into a new challenge, the conquest of the global market. Erbario Toscano keeps all its tradition of the original terroir, but opens with the most refined scents of our entire planet. The richness of the exchanges goes both ways, as the transalpine brand also sets up in the world's largest cities. In short, all that was missing was a Brussels boutique. It's done now. And well done, thanks to the experience of Georges Heilmann, a boss of our Brussels home.