Eskape Enjoy a buffet of healthy and varied cooking of the world

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Eskape is a restaurant on the Place de Luxembourg with a simple yet unique concept. The long counter that greets you as you enter through the door displays the products: vegetables, meat and fish, to tantalise your taste buds. All you need to do is choose the foods that will grace your plate.

Eskape: a healthy, modern concept

Located just opposite the station on the Place du Luxembourg, it’s impossible to miss this canteen-restaurant and its huge glass window. With a backdrop of simple, modern décor, Eskape offers small and large portions of the dishes on display on the counter. 

Eskape is first and foremost about healthy food, world cuisine with aromatic freshness, a real journey of the senses, and fresh, high quality products straight from the market. You can be transported to another place and time for lunch or just a simple snack. 

Beyond the counter, Eskape opens up into a brighter room, with decoration that’s a perfect match for the location and the quality of the food on offer. The sleek, contemporary black and white interior can seat up to 32 diners. The outdoor terrace, able to accommodate up to forty people, is sunny all afternoon and will soothe you with its bamboo and natural colours, a quiet oasis far away from the noise of the city. Eskape, a unique concept that offers a healthy, friendly alternative for visitors to the European Quarter.