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Futurist Games

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Want to discover the seabed, know what the space looks like or fight zombies? At Futurist Games it's all possible!

Futurist Games is a virtual reality center in Brussels that offers nearly 30 activities to the public. Be it children or adults, all fans of the virtual world will inevitably and are guaranteed to  find their happiness here. The participants have the opportunity to discover unknown worlds or to play as teams fighting either against each other or cooperating  to defeat another opponent.


Three zones for three times more experiences

Futurist Games has developed three different zones that allow players to diverge their virtual experiences. The "virtual zone" and the "panic zone" allow participants to compete against each other or to cooperate according to their choices. The social room however,  allows players to compare their experiences  simply by sharing the same helmet.


A virtual world that is more realistic than ever

At Futurist Games,  everything is done to ensure that the player’s reality is created in the virtual world in which he/she is immersed. The quality of the visuals are combined with the 3D audio effect that allows total engagement from players. Hence the virtual reality enthusiast is thus propelled into an almost real virtual world.


A space dedicated to events

The activities offered by Futurist Games are well adapted to events such as team building, birthdays and stag / hen parties. The lounge area will welcome you and your colleagues and / or friends at your next event. Information and reservations on the site.