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Kids&Us language school - Wavre In colors and in songs, learning English as if you were born there

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Mastering one or more languages is often a guarantee for success in the future. Kids&Us language school guides your children along as they learn the language of Shakespeare.

Languages courses for children

Kids&Us language school uses a different methodology than other language courses to teach English. For them it is very clear how to teach languages: foreign languages can and should be taught by the same natural process by which the maternal language was acquired.

Think back when you were a child. You started out hearing your native language before understanding it. Then you began pronouncing your first words which eventually became sentences. Later on, reading and writing were added to complement this ongoing learning process.

Kids&Us language school bases their learning method on this logical, natural and spontaneous process. To help your children learn, the educational staff makes up imaginary characters that grow up with your child. Mousy, Sam, Emma and others are the same age and have the same goals as your kids!

To work on listening, comprehension, speaking, reading and writing, the children and their equivalent imaginary friends will learn through a variety of stimulating activities that involve all five senses. The classes make up the main learning part of the course and are carried out strategically with entertaining activities.