La Petite Fourchette

La Petite Fourchette

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With fusion cuisine, prepare yourself for some crazy combinations. La Petite Fourchette has mastered the art of mixing Asian and Greek specialties to make surprising and generous dishes.

Between Greek mezze and Asian wok

When you choose to go to La Petite Fourchette, get ready to drift between two continents while discovering the savors of both. If you scan the menu, you will see that the mezzes take on Asian touches while the woks are boosted with a Greek feel. Grilled dishes, which are the ultimate Greek specialties, might be seasoned with red curry, for example.

When ying and yang separate, their respective specialties are enhanced. On the Asian side, there are the traditional soups and steamed dishes that are favored to the woks, each one more inventive than the last. And back in the old country: the Greek specialties come one after the next: moussaka, mezze, youvetsi,… If this doesn’t appeal to you, La Petite Fourchette even has sushi options.

La Petite Fourchette, eat-in or order-out

You can choose where you enjoy La Petite Fourchette, comfortably seated in the restaurant or at home. Surrounded by the contemporary décor of the restaurant, you can observe the kitchen activity and take advantage of their open terrace. Located right near Brussels Expo, Palais 12 and Kinépolis, this restaurant is the perfect choice before a movie, show or concert. If you choose the delivery option, know that La Petite Fourchette delivers everyday and can provide a buffet for your events.