La Soeur du Patron

La Soeur du Patron

Before partying at the bar, the “soeur du patron” for the meal

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This restaurant can rightly claim to have set a trend in how to look after guests. With its post-industrial design gives the place its unique charm.

Le bar du Patron: a cosmopolitan meeting place.

Le bar du Patron is a really relaxed place, a friendly little bar where everyone is happy, because in the end, the idea is to have a good time with a drink (and maybe more ) in a chill-out atmosphere, with good music. What type of animal uses this oasis? Groups of friends, managers without a tie, tortured artists, rugby players, hockey players, fashion victims, the DJ's friends ... They chat, sip, nibble, flirt, sing and dance ... In brief, Le bar du Patron is pure fun!

Gin & burgers: a powerful combination

The house drink? Gin-based cocktails, with some surprising touches: hibiscus, lemon or orange peel, juniper berry, peppers of all kinds, cucumber, ginger, cardamom, fennel seeds, cloves... Beware, it slides down like lemonade! If you want something solid, Le bar du Patron has classics which perfectly match its alcoholic fantasies: burgers - of course, bolo, ham and cheese, chips and some tapas (not to mention salads, for those who claim to by watcing their figures).