La Soeur du Patron

La Soeur du Patron Before partying at the bar, the “soeur du patron” for the meal

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This restaurant can rightly claim to have set a trend in how to look after guests. With its post-industrial design gives the place its unique charm.

Built on two levels, this impressive space can cater for over one hundred diners without feeling measureless and impersonal. Each of its four dining rooms has a different mood, which means clients can choose to dine in the setting they prefer - either bright and airy under the giant, mobile glass roof, or more intimate under the stone vaults - there is something here for all tastes, and all occasions.

The food on offer also follows current trends with a range of traditional and more exotic dishes. Different hot "aperitif" platters can be shared in all conviviality, delicious burgers will delight meat lovers while vegetarians can feast on an unique burger and varied salads in all seasons!