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Language Studies International sprl Learning how to communicate in more than one language is hard work

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It trains you to communicate clearly and smoothly. Quality courses and intensive training all for the sake of language learning.

LSI: communicate in another language

Language Studies International has existed since 1974. This school helps students learn to communicate on the phone, be involved in meetings, engage in interviews and lectures, to give official presentations, to lead negotiations and to interact in a variety of social situations. They believe it is very important to be able to communicate clearly and comfortably.

Language Studies International offers many different course modules for beginners and for advanced speakers. There are standard, intensive and regular group classes at night or during the day.

Language Studies International serves business: preparatory classes for linguistic exams or job interviews. Specialized language courses: medicine, pharmacy, bank, European Union, government, diplomacy, international relations, human resources, administration, sales, insurance, law, military, tourism, art, fashion, gastronomy… 

Language Studies International will help you choose the right program for studying language abroad and will guide you through the application process. Programs for all ages: children, adolescents, adults, professionals and seniors 50 +. LSI is partnered with schools in more than 35 countries and encourages you to go and immerse in the language.

Quality courses

Language Studies International also put a lot of emphasis on the quality of their professors who are all highly qualified native speakers. Audiovisual supports are used in order to experience all different aspects of the language, spoken at slow and fast rates, contractions and expressive intonations and various accents. The professors will highlights the variations of the language and will help you to express yourself in a basic manner and then more elaborately. These classes help you gain confidence, ease, precision and style. In short, how to really communicate the language.