NEW LIFE - Espace mieux-être

NEW LIFE - Espace mieux-être Brussels’ latest well-being location

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NEW LIFE is much more than just a salon; we will also guide you through your well-being journey and help to bring out the best in you.

Come and discover our extraordinary location

The NEW LIFE team will welcome you in a magnificent manor house not far from the Forest Park. With its intimate atmosphere, you will soon feel at home in our 400m² space dedicated to your well-being.


At NEW LIFE, we believe in improving your everyday life step by step, from beautifying your image on the outside to boosting your health on the inside, all the while promoting a healthy lifestyle, helping to manage stress and working on your personal development.


Step 1: Look after your skin

NEW LIFE will welcome you with a nutritional tasting session. This will be followed by a full, complimentary aesthetic consultation, with an in-depth diagnosis to assess your skin type.

The team will then take the time to reveal a wealth of helpful hints to get you feeling better in your own skin.


The NEW LIFE centre uses cutting edge technology (ultrasonic peeling, sonophoresis, hydrofacial, oxygen infusion, needle-free mesotherapy, radio frequency, photomodulation, LED, etc.) and works alongside the medical/pharmaceutical company Skin Clinic.


Skin Clinic’s ‘New Skin’ programmes have a range of therapeutic approaches specifically developed to provide effective solutions for any skin imperfection (uneven skin tone, lack of radiance, oily skin, acne, scarring, sensitivity, rosacea, pigmentation, wrinkles and saggy skin, under-eye shadows and puffiness, etc.). A moment of pure relaxation, while also boosting your personal image, awaits you!


Practical information: a private car park is reserved for customers.