Old Wild West Steak House - Brussels

Old Wild West Steak House - Brussels The steakhouse made in USA

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Once upon a time, along the side of the Bourse, there was a steak house by the name of Old Wild West Steak House.

The address spread like fire throughout the city. Brussels cow-boys haven’t waited a second to check out this saloon…

Quality meats at Old Wild West Steak House

Following the American steak house tradition, Old Wild West Steak House has a wide variety of grilled meats and hamburgers to charge you up for your next explorations. Argentine beef or Irish rib eye, the meat here has been selected from the highest quality European and Argentine livestock. Quality that is checked at every stage of Old Wild West Steak House’s procedure. The result? Flavorful, delicious meats, prepared with a special cooking method. The menu also takes us south to the lands of tex-mex: nachos, tacos, wraps, and enchiladas will delight Mexican food lovers.

Steak house worthy of the Far West

Once you enter the Old Wild West Steak House saloon, you’ll feel like an old gold hunter from Colorado during the Civil War. Here safety lamps provide the light, you eat on rustic wooden tables, and posters saying “Wanted” remind of us of the prize money for catching a fugitive. Yep, it’s definitely a wild west feel... Only the music from “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” is missing.

In addition, with a capacity of 180 people and a terrace accommodating up to 70 people, Old Wild West is the perfect place to organize events or birthdays.

With more than 100 restaurants open for less than 10 years, Old Wild West has become the first steak house in Italy. There is no doubt about it that it will be a success in Brussels too. Old Wild West Steak House opens up at 11:30 am and closes at the stroke of midnight. Open until 1 am Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.