Pépinière Idée-ô

Pépinière Idée-ô Pépinière Idée-ô

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The Nursery Idée-ô was created by gardening lovers. Come and discover the hectare of plants and vegetation where you can wander while choosing.

The Nursery “les Jardins Idée-O”

The Nursery offers a large variety of plants nested at the heart of a park-nursery where water is everywhere. Walking down the winding roads you will discover an impressive waterfall in a Japanese atmosphere and a peaceful river before admiring a wonderful pond filled with koi.

To put it differently, you’ll find in this unusual nursery a true garden made of a multitude of varieties of plants. The main objective of this original concept is to allow customers to witness the evolution of plants and shrubs throughout all four seasons.

You’d like a large sized plant?

...To create a screen or quickly highlight your exteriors? You’ll find everything you need here! Whether you want them deciduous or persistent, bloomed or colourful in fall, freed or structured, the nursery offers large-sized solitary shrubs, high trees, trained trees and even beautiful macro bonsais.

You’d like some advice to lay out your garden?

...To maintain or combine your plants together? The Nursery “Les Jardins Idées-O” is also a desk study and a landscaping company in order to assist you in creating your garden. Don’t hesitate and let a team of professionals advise you. Experts for thirty years, they will gladly help you design a practical, innovative and aesthetic garden.