Rue de l'Aqueduc, 95
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A Feng Shui philosophy for a unique dining experience

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Tan is a shop, a restaurant and a tuition centre for revolutionary cuisine. It is a cuisine of pleasure but also eco-friendly, ethical and healthy. In a nutshell: to enjoy yourself without hurting yourself or the environment.

Half of the menu of the restaurant is vegetarian; the other half is made of fishes, meats and sea fishes. All that in a unique context: meals are raw or cooked below 100 degrees and 99% of the ingredients that are used come from the biological agriculture. A “living” food it is. And the result is amazing! Unique flavors, new combinations or products from all culinary cultures around the world. From avant-garde Asians to Americans, the whole world enjoys this unprecedented culinary synthesis. That’s what allowed TAN to become the only alternative restaurant listed in the biggest restaurant guides.

The cooking lessons teach each and everyone to master the cuisine. It depicts the theoretical aspects as the practical ones of that culinary universe and enables you to learn to make the recipes at home while acknowledging the food issues of today. A good way to retrieve a healthy and active lifestyle.

In the shop, you will find all the products and food ingredients but also all the furniture (juice extractor, drier, blenders, etc.) which enable you to cook the recipes at home. By the way, it’s one of the only shops that offer a biological food selection as wide as a delicatessen.

Despite the financial pressure, TAN never gave in on anything. Nor on the quality of its ingredients, nor on its authenticity (everything is homemade, even the sprouted seeds). The meals are prepared “à la minute” and without any modern settlement (deep-freezing, microwave).

A specific attention is given to the selection of products and producers. As much as possible, TAN avoids using big brands and prefers to promote traditionally made products. That way, the restaurant actively supports the small producers.