Teinturerie de la Senne

Teinturerie de la Senne An artisanal and luxury dry cleaner that takes care of your fabrics

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In the shadow of the new gothic spire at Saint Boniface, Teinturerie de la Senne will take care of your favourite garments: everything from fashion items to upholstery...

Teinturerie de la Senne

At the beginning of the last century, the pleasant banks of the Senne were being disturbed by the inhabitants of Brussels coming to wash their laundry. Now, the dry-cleaners' has taken on the name and role of this Brussels waterway. This family business has been developing their expertise since 1928. Now Teinturerie de la Senne rightly holds the reputation as the best high-quality dry cleaner in the city and a firmly established local business.


For fabrics, leathers or suede... for your clothing, evening wear, rugs, drapes and other curtains... even for shoes and handbags... Teinturerie de la Senne is your one stop shop for quality dry cleaning.


The biggest high fashion brands come to Teinturerie de la Senne to have their garments cleaned. Pierre Degand, Natan, Dior, Chanel, Hermes, Bouvy, Louis Vuitton, Ferregamo, Paul Ka, Pierre Gauthier and Sonia Rykiel are all customers of this family business. If Mr. Smits and his team are good enough for the Royal Palace, then why not you too?

Dry cleaner in Ixelles, and at home...

And as high fashion often goes with top quality service, the team at Teinturerie de la Senne also offers pick-up and delivery services for orders of over three items. If you prefer to go pick-up your items yourself, the shop in Rue de l'Arbre Bénit is open from Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 6pm.