The Bank

The Bank Finding your meal or cocktail in an old bank is a worthy investment!

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Don’t look any further … Located right at the end of the Rue du Bailli, a few steps away from the Place du Chatelain, you will find the bar/restaurant “The Bank”.

It’s safe to know that The Bank hasn’t stolen its name
Once upon a time it was actually a real bank giving the place it’s rich sense of history. Original safe deposit boxes line the walls and a visit to the toilets will lead you to the dramatic vault door providing further proof of the true origins of the place. Just make sure you don’t get locked in … we have no intention of dynamiting it!

Dream about never having to work again without being caught
Find yourself, not like many robbers “behind bars”, but in front of our bar surrounded by gold and other valuables in a decor reminiscent of gangs and bank robberies.

What a banker fancies on his plate is …
obviously, juicy burgers and ribs, meatballs from Liège, fish ‘n chips, steak tartare, but also “sharing food” and beautifully presented garnished “tartines” and soups. And because fresh is the leitmotiv, seasonal preparations - always with a personal twist - complete the menu. Last but not least, homemade patisseries and a selection of delightful ice creams will bring peace to every hungry soul.

From coffee to cocktail
The Bank is serving up breakfast daily as from 07:30 am and is open both for lunch and dinner leading you into the night whilst sipping an exquisite cocktail. On Sundays, check out the amazing brunch formulas with occasional live music or DJ-sets from 10:00 to 14:30.

Bring on the music
Check out the agenda for live concerts and DJ-sets by local and international artists.

Set out to become one of the city’s most lively places with a nice neighbourhood feel, the Bank  will make you feel at home any time of the day or night.