Winner's Group lessons, relaxation break, sport center: all in one at Winner’s

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The Winner’s is an athletic center in Brussels with a huge amount of space and selection of activities such as yoga, spinning or even rock climbing.

Winner’s, exercise for kids and adults

To get involved in a physical activity in a fun environment, enjoy the pleasant ambiance at Winner’s. This super equipped athletic center was built 25 years ago. The modern infrastructure is a 2000 m² building managed by attentive and dynamic staff members.


Luc Pelligrini is the director of this exceptional gym conveniently located next to the European district. Group classes, athletic rooms and different training facilities are available for children and adults alike.


Squash, fitness and rock climbing

To start off, they have many different spaces devoted to rock climbing, squash and fitness with an incredible collection of cardiovascular and weight-lifting machines. People of all fitness levels are guided by, and in fact trained by, qualified staff such as physical therapists and sports instructors.


Aerobics and spinning

Winner’s has a wide selection of group classes too! You can do classic aerobics, cardio, stretching and even spinning in a super upbeat atmosphere. There is a class to appeal to everyone.


Sauna and tanning bed

For a moment of rest or some time for beauty, the center also makes 2 professional tanning beds and a sauna available for all members for free.


For kids

Winner’s has not forgotten about the young ones: this center organizes many sporty activities for kids as young as 3 years old. From Funk dance to the Baby Basket, there are many different classes and even camps during school breaks!