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Moving home is always a big step, a turn of the page, the beginning of a new story…something which Abaque Move understands very well. Located in Uccle, this company guarantees you a stress-free move: from packaging for your fragile items through to moving into your new home, everything is taken care of by true professionals.

Abaque Move, an experienced team

Moving house is often synonymous with excitement and anxiety. The secret to avoiding any extra stress is to surround yourself with professionals, which is why Abaque Move ensures that you are provided with experts to help you at every step. Worried about Mum’s precious vase or your collection of rare vinyls? Then worry no more, the experts have it in hand. Whether moving a few pieces of furniture from a studio, or an entire manor house, Abaque Move has a service with a price to suit your needs. For example, to reduce costs for small moves, the company groups together boxes from several clients in the same lorry. These 40m3 lorries are equipped with everything needed to transport your goods in complete safety: straps, cables, trollies, bubble wrap, etc.

Abaque Move, personalised service and furniture lift 

Abaque Move offers services tailored to your needs. If you need help moving your furniture up to the 5th floor, no problem: simply make use of the furniture lift, quick, efficient and available from only €55. Abaque Move also offers a comprehensive service: disassembly of your furniture, packing, transfer to the lorry, transport to your new home and reassembly of your furniture. These all-inclusive packages are particularly attractive, so why not contact them today for a quote? For those who are moving further afield, Abaque Move also manages long distance moves throughout Europe.