Guided Bike Tours

Vendredi 24 mars 2017 - Mercredi 13 d├ęcembre 2017
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Mobility, Bikes

The bike permits very pleasantly and effectively to stop in front of a facade, to visit a public place and to sit down on a terrace. Pro Velo is part of " Voir et Dire Bruxelles " which gathers associations of theme tourism (Arau, Arkadia, Itinéraires, La Fonderie, le Bus Bavard). They publish an agenda of activities and organize the Art nouveau Biennal event during the odd years (in 2009 thus). During the Heritage Days, Pro Velo proposes guided tours in touch with the annual subject.

The departure places

The departure places of guided tours are: - The Cyclists House, 15 rue de Londres in Ixelles. (all year) - The "Bois de la Cambre" and the Park of Woluwe (from April to October): an important crowd, by good weather, walks in front of our rent stand.

Themes of Guided Tours

Art deco and Modernism - Art nouveau - Sgraffites on Art nouveau facades - Coucil housing - Garden cities - Beers and brasseries - Freemasons - Moambe and mint tea - The Brussels cemeteries - Christmas Illuminations - Comics on wall - The Historic Heart of Brussels - Tervueren, the Léopold II's green colony - Woluwe Valley - The discovery of gardens " Nature admise" (in association with Natagora) - Told walk in the "Forêt de Soignes" - From "la Cambre" to "La Hulpe" - Between city and country (Uccle) - Castles and Abbeys - The countryside of South Brusselsthe South (Uccle-Linkebeek- Beersel) - Forêt de Soignes (a place full of history) - The green mysteries of Brussels North, etc.

New themes

- La diane chantait dans les cours des casernes... (3h30, 18km) - Rois et Reines à Bruxelles (3h30, 18km) - Bruxelles Bio (3h30, 15km) - Ballade des glaces à vélo (4h, 15km) - Tour & Taxis : enjeux architecturaux et urbanistiques (4h, 15km) - L'architecture et l'urbanisme contemporains vus par disturb: architecture d'après guerre de l'avenue de Tervueren au boulevard du Souverain (4h, 15km) - L'architecture et l'urbanisme contemporains vus par disturb: Ixelles, architecture contemporaine (4h, 15km) - Jardins en Fête (4h, 15km) - Re-Cycle: un parcours d'artistes très vélo! (15km, 3h30)

Where to eat or drink?
before and after the event