Sunday shopping in Brussels

“What are you doing on Sunday?” Shopping. “Ha! Are you kidding? Spending money in Brussels on Sunday is impossible. You couldn't go bankrupt even if you tried.” You are mistaken, and I’ll prove it to you.

Shopping for future moms

Gabriele Vintage @ Brussels

A day in the life of a fashionista

Where to go vintage shopping in Brussels

Is Brussels the capital of vintage? Everything leads us to believe it is, many come from afar to visit our antique and vintage clothing stores. And shame on you if you have never stepped foot into one of these boutiques ! In this article, you will find all the best fashion and decoration addresses to start off your vintage guru initiation. So follow us and do not forget to take notes as what your eyes are about to witness is pure (almost) gold !

Did you say vintage?

BrusselsLife with Fabienne Delvigne

Men - Haute Couture

Dress for Less Sunday's

Old-Fashioned Knitting? Not At All!

If you think that the moss stitch and the reverse stitch were reserved for grannies, it means that you don't yet know any knitting cafés. Completely strange and entirely trendy, these places where town-dwelling knitting ladies gather for a chinwag, for exchanging ideas, tricks and tips are flowering just about everywhere in the big cities.

Gabriele Vintage @ Brussels

When the word "sales" means great bargains!

After exams and results, comes another traditional event for all lovers of fashion and great bargains: the sales. But beware, finding a real bargain isn't easy.

Maastricht : shopping paradise

Seven useful tips to survive the sales

Your Personal Shopper in Brussels !

The vital fashion of Jennifer Defays


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