A new start for Fins de Siècle & ... ever Plus

After having been for a long time one of the most prestigious and emblematic brands of the Rue Haute, Fins de Siècle & Plus has a new beginning.

Return to Never Land: The journey of adulescents

Our selection of essential vintage

Interview Atelier 4/5


A cocoon for your offspring

Choosing for yourself can sometimes seem like fighting your way around an obstacle course but choosing for something for someone else is a mission impossible! Here is some advice to help you decorate the room of your little monster...


Dansaert also means interior design

Antiques have their day

The Mark of TWU: Beautiful And Intelligent

It can be coupled and uncoupled at will. It can be piled up or extend according to the space available. It can be assembled and disassembled in a trice and ad infinitum. And what's more, it's really beautiful. This absolutely unique little gem is the work of the Brussels-born designer-inventor, Alain Chennaux. "The Mark" is a range of shelves in kit form produced in MDF panels. Shelves that can be mounted without nail, screw or adhesive. It is in fact a new "wedging" system that enables the panels to be held together. Infinitely flexible, the shelves are superimposed to form columns that can be connected between themselves by fixed or telescopic connections.

Chez moi -100% natural

Awnings, what are they good for ?

Fabrics, as far as the Eye can See

To every family its couch

Your Interior from A to Z

Spring is there and you want to change your home, give it a fee or outright invest in a total renewal! Here are our tips to advise you and accompany you throughout this metamorphosis.

How to lay out a small garden?

Putting you in Design

How to maintain your garden furniture?

Parquet or tiles?

And what if I changed my kitchen?

So, you can no longer stand the sight of your kitchen which is straight out of the 1970s? You want to introduce a more contemporary feel? Or perhaps you just can't resist the draw of those modern, open plan kitchens?

Colour Harmony And Feng Shui


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