Spirou Exhibition @ Seed Factory

Spirou Exhibition @ Seed Factory

From October 24 to December 31, 2013 from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

19 Avenue des Volontaires 1160 Bruxelles

La Maison de l’Image is participating in the 75th anniversary of Spirou. La Maison de l'Image (Seed Factory), partnering with Dupuis for the event, is taking this anniversary opportunity to give homage to the character, Spirou, and to his creators. This event will include the participation of the who’s who of illustrators, graphic artists and press artists.

Comic strip heroes who can claim to have as many dads as Spirou are few and far between. If his first creator is undoubtedly Rob-Vel, there are many others who have contributed to this character throughout the years.

Spirou’s subsequent fame is due to Franquin, who himself took up the pencil from Jijé, and who was then followed by another fifteen devoted fathers who took care of the baby, but on a temporary basis. With the exception of Jijé, Jean-Claude Fournier, Yves Chaland, Frank Le Gall, and Emile Bravo, it is interesting to note that they are all male couples to create different Spirou albums (Nic and Cauvin, Tome and Janry, Morvan and Munera, Yoann and Vehlmann, Tarrin and Yann).

The expo

La Maison de l'Image is staying true to its tradition by offering an impertinent vision of Spirou, even if the homage paid to our national hero by the communications world could, in the end, be nothing but vibrant and enthusiastic. Never before seen documents will also be displayed. 

Expo spirou

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