Bootlegs :: How to guide

Written by BrusselsLife Team - 26 Feb 2007, 00:00 (Updated: 13 Dec 2012, 07:59)
Bootlegs :: How to guide
Before there was the remix, and that still exists, but now there is also the Bootleg. Méssékoi?? To simplify, it's the music of one piece associated with the voice of another piece that at the beginning has nothing to do with it. And this mixture of two known titles gives a new a title, a little crazy and often very funny (the mixture is sometimes a bit warped).

Did you say 2ManyDJs? Yes, these Belgians were among the first to have produced any, as of 97. Today hundreds of bootlegs come out each week on the Internet (they are sometimes called Mashup: synonym of our national stoemp, but the word Bootleg is becoming more and more general. It is the first musical style without a precise musical style, since it involves all genres… drum, rock, soul, disco, reggae, funk, hip hop, electro, techno… all at the same time! And inevitably, according to these re-composers' tastes, there are bootlegs that are very underground or very warped, and some that are very obvious or very commercial. In fact, as usual, it's the appearance of a new tool that has caused the innovation. And this tool is the home computer, which allows all the kidz and the not-so kidz to take the material of their past, and to work them as basic material for creating a hybrid… as successful as possible. Bootleg evenings in Belgium?? Here, bootlegs are mixed with evenings… in a discrete but solid way. Each deejay of each style has today between 2 and 20 bootlegs to be spread out in the remainder of his mix… but the audience doesn't always realise.

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