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05 Jul 2012, 05:07 Last Updated: 31 Jan 2018, 16:01

The fascinating thing about Brussels nightlife is above all its diversity. Only those looking for peace and quiet will be disappointed.

When Jamaican sugar cane arrives at the Kultuurkaffee (monthly evenings held by the Exodus Soundsystem: a group of DJs and artists in Roots-tradition Reggae), or at the Café Aman, you can feel the bass thumping at the Grand'Place, where hoards of really laid-back 18-30s usually congregate. Kultuurkaffee - VUB - 2 Pleinlaan - 1050 Café aman - 52 rue des Augustins - 1000  

Each weekend, the Beursschouwburg offers a range of exceptional DJs. From old Funk to Soul and hyper-modern Dubstep, via Disco and Rock... the big Beurscafé has regained the spirit it already had about ten years ago. Pure magic in a halo of warmth and raw brickwork where the best mixers of the country strut their stuff: from Brekbit to Colantoni, Tabi to Bun-Zero (who also does the posters), with styles ranging from groove to progressive. And it's all free! Enjoy yourself by strolling around the inner archways, it's all in one room and it's really big. Beursschouwburg - rue Auguste Orts - 1000  

Jazzbreak evenings are back again on Wednesdays! Proper Jazz concerts at the Tavernier for 5 Euros, retaining a strongly eclectic feel for two years now, and as always followed by a mix by DJ Brown Moshunz to continue partying into the night. Bands from New York, Amsterdam and Liège, always worth discovering, slightly reckless and pleasantly refreshing in our all-too-rigid world. Note that on the other weekday evenings entry to this laid-back, distinctive establishment is still free. Le Tavernier - 445 chaussée de Boondael - 1050  

Le Wax club is a new DJ-bar to have sprung-up just off the Bourse, on the first floor of a sandwich bar (a useful detail: makes it easier to find) along the boulevard Anspach. The décor here takes you back to the best films of the 70s starring Belmondo and Jean Yanne, with a coating of usually Electro and Electro-house tunes. Entrance is free, but requires a trendy, stylised look. Wax club - 66 boulevard Anspach - 1000

For just over ten years, Stel-R has built a solid reputation ... today he is one of the five or six most influential DJs on the Belgian electro scene, juggling his vinyl records between Popzero evenings every two months at the Recyclart, the free Popzero bar and the monthly Roi des Belges event, as well as appearances on Radio Panik and guest sessions on national FM stations. But he doesn't stop there, he also delivers waves of psyche and punk for small, private evenings... keep an eye out in town for flyers. These are key to getting the latest information.  

Of course, Dirty Dancing at the Mirano is still in great shape. We cannot end this summary without talking about events that put Saturday nights in Brussels at the top of the European clubbing scene: when the Electro-House artist Tiga comes to the Mirano, the place is full before midnight, and the queues of young people reach along the chaussée de Louvain... right up to the place Madou one way and down to place Saint Josse in the other direction. People who know the neighbourhood will understand just how big a crowd this represents, the others will just have to trust us.... such masses haven't been seen here since Bjork visited the Fuse. Dirty Dancing - Samedi - 38 chaussée de Louvain - 1210   Nicolas Deckmyn

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