One day of Canals tourism in Hainaut

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05 Jul 2012, 05:07 Last Updated: 10 Jul 2017, 15:07

The Canals and the river tourism in Hainaut.

Tourist sites of the Canal Historique du Centre : Take a boat on the hunderd year old canal and pass through the only hydraulic lifts in Europe which are still working. These four spectacular lifts (listed as world heritage by Unesco), allow the boats to change levels of 4 x 17 m, with water as the only source of energy. The Italian Canteen, a museum about the Italian immigration to Belgium. Boat Lift n°3 - Bracquegnies: engine room and new Visitors Centre with panoramic view. Cantine des Italiens Rue Tout-y-Faut 90 - 7110 HOUDENG-GOEGNIES

Giant boat lift of Strepy-Thieu A visit to the lift is full of discoveries: an huge engine room, a wonderful panoramic view of the site as a whole and its surrounding region, a film about the building and operation of the lift enlivened by animated models and interactive games, an exhibition of fossils found during the excavations and the interactive tour "Pays des Génies" (the spirit of Belgium show), where you can experience the greatest moments in the history of Belgian creativity in such diverse fields as cartoons, literature, art, music, economics, science,... Every Sunday from  1st may to begin of September, you cross the lift by boat.

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