Open-air bathing

Summer is there! So why not go and take a dip in one of the many open-air pools in and around the capital?

Créé le 05/07/2012 - Dernière mise à jour le 29/06/2018

In Brussels

Once upon a time in Uccle, on the drève de Lorraine, between the Sonian Forest and  Prince of Orange neighbourhood, the only outdoor pool accessible both summer and winter. To fight against the abomination of our climate, the water shows a constant temperature of 29 degrees ... The story does not end with them diving and splashing about with many children ever after ... Unfortunately, the pool is open only to members of David Lloyd.

A major classic to the north of the city, just a stone's throw from the Atomium, Océade is the best water amusement park around. Its many giant slides (including a new addition this year) are great for lovers of fast sensations.

The open-air swimming pool project near the canal might have been dropped, but another one sure hasn't: similar to the Serpentine in Hyde Park in London, an open-air pool is planned in the NEO project on the Heysel esplanade (Atomium). Unfortunately, there is no timeframe yet...


Flemish Brabant

South of Brussels, the 775 m2 pool in the Huizingen provincial domain will refresh bathers and is a great place to start discovering the 45 hectares of woods and neighbouring animal reserve.

In Grimbergen, the swimming pool 'De Lammekes' is open to the public every day during July and August. There is also a smaller pool for children. The price for adults will be 4€ or 10 € depending on whether you are a Grimbergen resident or not.

Located between Antwerp and Brussels, the Bloso Hofstade Domain invites you to its beach for the moderate price of 5 euros (1 euro for children under 1m30) upon presentation of your ID card ! Come bathe in the sunshine before casting yourself into one of the sites lakes. Or take a stroll on the water on one of our pedal boats...

Walloon Brabant 

Head over to the province of Brabant Wallon for a moment of relaxation and recreation in the sun. The provincial domain of Bois des Reves welcomes you to 67 hectares of forest and recreational space. From June 15 to July 31, a beach with a paddling pool and an adult pool will be accessible to all. Our playground invites all children looking for some adventure !

Come take advantage of the open air pool of Waterloo, with slides and diving board. At Nausicaa, a paddling pool is also available for smaller children.

Glance in retro

During the inter-war period, Brussels was given an Olympic-size outdoor swimming pool surrounded by lawns. At the end of the 1978 summer season , the Evere solarium closed its doors for good. Today, the vast lawns have disappeared in favour of the Pastourelle parcelling.