L'Atelier de Coloration

L'Atelier de Coloration Sophisticated and natural results for every colour

The Atelier de Coloration (hair salon for coloring) treats your hair like gold for sophisticated and 100% natural results!

Hair care

It’s not unheard to leave a salon disappointed about the way your hair was treated. It’s another story with Atelier de Coloration. Here, hair is respected and cared for in the healthiest way possible! The range of products remains within the ethics of the salon: neither silicon nor paraben is used at Christophe.

Natural and long-lasting results

The Atelier de coloration is a true coloring specialist. The colors are mixed with a natural perspective in mind and are not damaging to your hair. The final results are particularly long-lasting and provide a solution to visible roots. Your hair will have renewed charm and bounce!

The homey feel of the Atelier de coloration

« My grandmother always said that an elegant woman wears great shoes has great hair. But for your hair to look good, it must first be healthy, shiny, and soft. Atelier de Coloration in Brussels is entirely devoted to giving you the prettiest hair of your life. Marion at this salon would love to help you attain that. Your hair’s beauty is worth a visit.

This location will not remind of you a tradition hair salon. This place is all you could wish for, somewhere to go to feel comfortable and at home. There is a certain service culture at this salon, a warm friendliness that makes the experience fun.»