Bio Factory

Bio Factory 100% ecological chimneys for you nights in front of the fireplace

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For cosy evenings by the fire, you need to be equipped! - For that, remember only one address in Brussels: Bio Factory. Nestling in the delightful Madou District, Mr Auzoux and his entire team await you in their showroom so that they can guide you towards the finest choice in the light of your expectations with regard to fireplaces!


Because at Bio Factory, it's really a question of heating your home. However this company has a particularity: its fireplaces run on bioethanol. So what's that? Bioethanol is beet alcohol, a100% natural substance, which is finely distilled, releasing neither smell nor smoke. Moreover, these wonders are installed without the need of a chimney! From the website of their choice, customers simply order their fireplaces, which are then delivered within seven days. After which, they install them themselves, and it takes only ten minutes.


Mr Auzoux's purpose in life is to provide products, for as many people as possible, which are ecological, state-of-the-art in terms of technology, well designed, and environmentally-friendly. "At Bio Factory, what's beautiful is good... and not expensive."