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Body Mind Wellness Expert in massages, plays a part in your well-being

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Body Wellness in Waterloo is a luxurious wellness center and spa. Body Mind Wellness is the solution for stress relief.

This wellness center offers you different options to get rid of your stress. Body Mind Wellness based in Waterloo is dedicated to the health of your body and your mind. Do you need some time to rest, to relax in a warm atmosphere, to forget your daily problems and handle your stress, then Body Mind Wellness is the ideal place for you. Aqua therapies, massages and homeopathic cures are all the different solutions Body Mind Wellness offers to get rid of stress.

Aqua therapies

Luxurious Jacuzzi and Swim Spa are available for hydrotherapy or heat treatment (in infrared rooms) sessions. Don't hesitate to ask for further details and advice.  Try the Watsu, a kind of shiatsu but under the water, for soft exercices. With Watsu, muscles and joints pains are relieved.

A special wellness deal is perfect for couples and affordable for 2 people from 80€ to 120€ (depending on the duration of the treatments). This includes the spa with an anti-stress massage. 

Therapeutic massages 

Body Mind Wellness is an expert in massages offering all sorts depending on your needs: chinese massages, relaxing massages with essential oils, warm stones, Ayurvedic, massages for pregnant women and Shiatsu.

Wellness bonuses at Body Mind Wellness

In this wellness center you are welcomed in several languages. Whether you speak French, English, Italian or German, do not hesitate to come to Body Mind Wellness for an escape from the day-to-day. 

In this multilingual center, you can also discover homeopathy and kinesiology. The first one is based on nutritherapy, lymphatic and energetic draining and plantar reflexology... Everything to keep you healthy with naturally. The second one, kinesiology combines traditional Chinese medecine with chiropratic and psychotherapy, to take away your emotional and mental blocks.

You can also join the Waterlooo Body Mind Wellness's Yoga, Tai Chi, Chuan, stretching, oriental dance and Tibetan relaxation group sessions.

Need to manage your stress? Need to feel better? Body Mind Wellness is for you!