Brasserie Scheltema

Brasserie Scheltema Scheltema

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Among all the best eateries in the city, the Scheltema is at the head of the pack. The spotlight is on this restaurant located in the shadow of the Galerie du Roi and the Galerie des Princes for more than 40 years.

Scheltema, sumptuous décor from long ago

Even if the Ilot Sacre and the Rue des Bouchers are often criticized, there are still some authentic and delicious place to go there, for Brusseleirs and tourists alike. Without doubt, the brasserie-restaurant Scheltema is one of your choices.

Entering Scheltema is like diving into a traditional 19th century bar. Before picking up your utensils, take a moment to look around- the woodwork surrounds you, giving it a homey feel. The mirrors reflect the green light fixtures and the shiny brown chairs.

Scheltema, an institution

Since 1972, the Scheltema has always made a point to enhance seafood, all while offering other gourmet options. Thus, sole meunière shares the menu with authentic americain frites, while the Irish rib steak has made more than one seafood fanatic second guess themselves. Indecisive guests will be able to choose from a menu that alternates between meat and fish specialties. The end is always the same: real brasserie cuisine, in every sense of the word.

With friends, colleagues, or loved ones, at lunch or dinner, the Scheltema has earned a spot in your address book. This restaurant can also accommodate groups, from 5 to 80 people.

And if you were wondering, Scheltema is the name for a Dutch painter and a little bistro between the Meuse and the Scheldt River.