Caspian The temple of the Iranian cuisine in the capital of Europe

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The shrine of the Iranian cuisine can be found a stone throw from the Grand Place. We tested the Caspian with the intention of discovering the cuisine from this part of the world.


In order to avoid any bad surprise, I had done some research on the internet to prepare my visit. I arrive trusting. The Iranian cuisine is not very spicy. The herbs are responsible for lending flavours to the dishes. The meat and fish dishes, like the stews, are usually served with rice. I am therefore filled with convictions when I open the door of the Caspian. I indeed very rapidly find the general outlines that I had discovered during the preceding afternoon ... But doubt invades me as rapidly when I am faced with the unfamiliar dish names. Fortunately, the hostess made sure to subtitle everything. When in doubt, the waiter casually helps me to confirm my choices and even gives me a little pronunciation course. I decide for a warm appetizer, renounce the skewers and go for a marinated chicken leg. I should return to taste the stews which the whole team of the Caspian was bragging about. The moment has come to experience those new flavours. The grilled eggplant mixture, egg, onion and tomato sauce is a marvel spread on sesame bread. A small break and the adventure resumes with the main course. Behind the Zereshk Polo Ba Morgh hides a marinated chicken leg accompanied with Persian rice seasoned with barberry, saffron and a pinch of sugar. The chicken immediately takes a whole new dimension...

The Iranian cuisine is also riding the wave of vegetarian preparations, the occasion for the Caspian to modernize some traditional recipes based on vegetables and fruits. Finally the menu below should make your mouth water...