Chiara Camille - Uccle

Rue Xavier de Bue, 36, 36
1180 Uccle

Chiara Camille - Uccle

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Personal service

At Chiara Camille, you are not just a number! The team of hair stylists takes the time to talk with you about your preferences, to advise you, and to successfully carry out the change you would like to see. At this salon, we remember your last color, treatment, and the little details of your last cut. The clientele, both men and women, feel valued and taken care of. It is indeed a personalized and well-liked approach. At Chiara Camille, they make sure to choose the best hair stylist for what you need. For a cut, coloring, or up do, you will not be disappointed. And the brushings have made the salon’s great reputation.

Chiara Camille, natural products

Chiara Camille chooses to invest in healthy high quality products that do not damage your scalp, like shampoo treatments with essential oils and natural colorings. The décor of the salon even goes along with this health conscious theme. Warm color schemes with gold and brown nuances give an elegant and chic look. The ambiance is also warm, reminding us of the Italian origins of Linda, the owner, and her daughter, Chiara. Everything is put together so that you feel your best.

Do you need a change of look? B-line it to Chiara Camille, no need for an appointment. Bonus: Friday nights, the salon is open until 10 pm with an appointment.