La Maison Degand Bruxelles

La Maison Degand Bruxelles The temple of classy suits and sophistication in Brussels

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Welcome to the prestigious Maison Degand, a Brussels temple of style and elegance, where passion and knowledge combine.

This master tailor, located on the prestigious Avenue Louise in Brussels, is an unmissable stop for lovers of elegant clothing. Not only will you find impeccably cut clothes but excellent advice for which this establishment has been renowned for almost 40 years.

Here, men are welcomed and supported in their goal of finding that special outfit that will make them shine with elegance and refinement, amongst a wide range of collections. Known as one of the most prestigious tailors in Brussels, the Degand team has been welcoming the most exigent clients since 1983, introducing them to artisanal labels and products crafted with patience, talent and respect. The Maison Degand is divided into three spaces adapted to various precise needs and atmospheres; designed in order to help our customers to find the outfit that best fits their requirements and their budget.

Be Casual Chic, a business wardrobe, weekend and affordabe

On the ground floor, the Maison Degand offers a dynamic and high-quality selection of ready-to-wear clothing. You'll find suits, jackets, trousers, shirts and stitches in an ideal style, originating from the excellence of the English and Italian fashion industries. These garments, often sold at more affordable prices, are ideal for business meetings and the elegant events of the weekend.

Be Luxury: for a high seduction factor

Spread among the Belle Epoque rooms on the first floor and the ground floor, the Be Luxury collection personifies the luxury of the Maison Degand itself. With the best quality fabric, handmade finishes and perfect cuts, you'll find sports jackets, cashmere sweaters and blazers dressed by the biggest Italian and English brands such as Brioni, Kilton and Santandrea.

Bespoke: discover the pleasure of custom-made

Finally, Bespoke assembles the privilege of made-to-measure clothing at the Maison Degand. For optimal comfort and elegance, the master tailor will enter into an in-depth dialogue with you to get to know the smallest detail of the fit. The desired garment will then be hand-sewn in-house for an impeccable quality and a personalised cut.