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If you follow language courses at DialoguE, you will quickly learn a new language. Customizable courses, friendly atmosphere, experienced teachers, those are what DialoguE, school of languages, offers.

For you and in a familial atmosphere, DialoguE sets up custom-made courses. In small groups, you learn the language and will quickly improve your skills. In order to help you working abroad or with foreign customers, making some tourism, taking a year off, becoming bilingual or to translator... DialoguEopens you its doors to teach you languages the best way in Brussels. For you and with you, we will achieve the goals planned at your first visit, those may be professional, personal or cultural. You will talk easily in any kind of situation.

DialoguE's immersion

Choosing immersion at DialoguE is choosing accomplishment and the guarantee of rapidly and correctly learning a language. Weeks of immersion will make you feel comfortable, confident and easy to understand. You will intensively talk to avoid mistakes and you will be released from your stress, to finally talk naturally.

DialoguE is the guarantee of making progress

Thanks to its custom-made courses with coaches, a working atmosphere not academic, a real immersion from the morning to the evening, you will be sure to make progress and to learn. DialoguE assures you an efficient and quick learning to easily and peacefully get to know the new language. Moreover, DialoguE Languages is also leaning German in Constance, English in Hastings or Tampa (Florida) Spanish in Barcelona, French in Ardennes or Bretagne, Italian in Todi and Dutch in Brussels.