Dream Your Life

Dream Your Life The school to prepare for the central jury in a friendly atmosphere

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Dream Your Life is a school like no other! For over 20 years, this small establishment with its warm, homely atmosphere has been supporting students in their education and improving self-confidence. The school also supports pupils studying to pass the Jury Central exam or the 2nd and 3rd degree Jury exams.

Dream Your Life: the ideal way to prepare for the Jury Central exam

Dream Your Life exists because traditional teaching isn’t a method that works for everyone. Whether having dropped out of school or struggling to pass their secondary exams, the pupils at this school all have their own unique and different future paths, but they all share one aim: to pass their Jury exam and go on to realise their dreams. Located in the Forest quarter and accessible by public transport, this small, friendly school doesn’t seek to simply train students, it listens to them, develops their critical thinking and self-confidence. The aim of Dream Your Life is to discover the full potential of each pupil and equip them with the tools they need to succeed in the Jury Central exam, the 2nd degree Jury exam (general humanities in 3rd and 4th years of junior high school) or the 3rd degree Jury exam (general humanities or professional humanities in 1st and 2nd years of junior high school).

Dream Your Life: approachable teachers, flourishing pupils

The comments from pupils and their parents, which can be read on the Dream Your Life website, speak for themselves. Here, young people, whatever their age, have found THE answer to their needs…thanks to their teachers. Always listening to their pupils and available for advice, the teachers coach the pupils to be their very best. All university-educated, the teachers clearly communicate a variety of skills to pupils, as well as supporting pupils individually in accordance with their particular needs. Interested? Contact Dream Your Life today for a personal meeting. The first trial week is completely free of charge.