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Foodmet is a unique concept, one of a kind in Belgium. Sustainable food is at the heart of this project, which aims to revitalise the site of Anderlecht’s l’Abbattoir. A thriving place where a food hall, urban farm and restaurant all rub shoulders comfortably. A place that is committed to food directly supplied by the producers.

The Foodmet Foodhall

Foodmet, is a space of 15,000m² that now houses a covered market. The vendors have individual stalls that can be closed with shutters, a delivery zone as well as a storage space in the enormous refrigerated areas. The fifty stands provide a variety of products both Belgian and exotic: cheeses, fruit and vegetables, herbs, fish, poultry, a bakery space, etc. True to the original purpose of the site, Foodmet gives pride of place to meat. Here you can find 17 butchers’ stalls, each with its own speciality (Romanian delicatessen, halal meat, ‘triperie’ or offal, pork specialist…).

Urban Agriculture

In 2016, Foodmet’s flat roof, with a surface area of almost 4,000m², will be converted into an aquaponic urban farm. The model is a combination of fish farm along with vegetable and fruit growing, micro herbs and hydroponics. The project also includes the construction of a restaurant with a roof terrace. From field to fork, freshness of all products is guaranteed… that’s Foodmet!