Kabuki Enjoy a trip at the heart of the traditional Japanese cooking

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The little Kabuki train whistles three times before bringing you your plates. No more introductions are needed for this Japanese restaurant downtown.

Just a stone’s throw from the Bourse, Kabuki and its open kitchen attract all those who love food from the empire of the rising sun…

Kabuki, traditional Japanese cuisine

The menu at Kabuki is based on fresh delicious products including a large selection of all you can eat sushi and numerous dishes served by traditionally dressed staff. It’s a calm atmosphere with lanterns above your head and sabers hanging on the wall… They’ve even got a chef who gives live Teppanyaki cooking sessions. Itadakimasu!

For a date or for a group dinner, Kabuki has different formulas: the unlimited sushi lunch menu for 14.80€, the lunch buffet menu for 17.80€, or even the children’s menu for 9€.

Advantages at Kabuki

Apart from the exceptional setting and available space, the Kabuki restaurant is the perfect spot to host your birthday parties, professional meetings, or banquets.

Very near the Grand Place, this Japanese restaurant is truly unique in its genre when it comes to quality service, products, and atmosphere. Kabuki has been a popular filming location for many movies and publicity spots. Lovers of the 7th art will enjoy trying to figure out which films took place there. So you’ll have the upper hand, La Chance de ma vie was filmed here- did you see it? It’s the restaurant in the Virgin Mobile clip.