Le Falstaff

Le Falstaff

Experience the unique ambience of the "années folles" (the crazy years)

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Installed with the same secular pride in a branch of the Bourse, it is part of the ultimate Art Nouveau conserved in the capital!

A craftsman trained by Victor Horta


This true institution began in 1883 on the initiative of Baron Allard. Built in the middle part of the current Rue Henri Maus, sitting just in front of the Palais de la Bourse that was built a decade before, is a set of two houses. Art Nouveau was introduced by a carpenter who worked for Victor Horta, a renowned architect who was among some of the greatest founders of this extraordinary trend.


A character from Shakespeare


In 1903, a Vienna-style "Weinstube" was opened, which in 1909 was renamed Falstaff in memory of the character created by William Shakespeare in his play "Henri IV". His image adorns the skylight. The stained glass window on the ground floor soon became too small, given the growing influx of visitors probably fascinated by the character of this establishment's "spiritual father", as a debauched, cheeky, boastful and above all lover.. of good wine!


Did you say "ambience"?


Beautifully "upgraded" by a succession of loans to Art Deco and Eclecticism, Falstaff has retained all its luster over the decades, and became a listed concern at the beginning of the century. It is still the perfect place for a prestigious tasting in an "années folles" atmosphere and it was recently immortalized in the superb cinema production, "The Danish Girl".