Le Yeti Cantine Moderne

Le Yeti Cantine Moderne

Rue du Bon Secours, 4-6, 4-6
1000 Bruxelles

A modern canteen with fresh meals cooked with love

The Yeti Cantine Moderne promotes a minimum of ingredients for maximum flavor. One, two, three, hop hop and it's good!

Our menus offer dynamic flavors, sometimes subtle, sometimes rustic but always tasty. They reflect our deep knowledge of nutrition and the pleasure we have from sharing them. Our network of bakers, vegetable or poultry suppliers guarantees a responsible and local food supply. Our suppliers participate in our sustainable business policy.

We cook quickly, pack with style or welcome you to our table. Our menu adapts its tempo for brunch on weekends.

Our philosophy

Healthy food is too often defined by what it does not offer: no fat, no salt, no fun. The Yeti Cantine Moderne proposes what a good diet really has to offer: some taste, nutrients, seasons and vitality. Specifically, we believe you do not have to have escaped from the Larzac to eat well. Healthy cooking is above all about abundance, freshness, flavors and especially not deprivation.

Real Food, Real Quality

Grow, harvest, cut, cook and savour. We aim to find local supply as much as possible and to escape the evil forces from the food industry. All our meats come from animals raised in dignity, without hormones or antibiotics. It is by seeking the best food possible that we have understood that bio was not necessarily always possible or optimal. That is why we strive to work with local and sustainable farms. In return, we visit each supplier to understand what they do.

100% transparency

The choice of products that we work with is at the heart of our commitment to provide quality and affordable menus, based on a case by case reflection for each ingredient. At Yeti Cantine Moderne, we are proud of the choices we make and believe it is important to talk about those with you.

No empty Calories

Meaning a good nutritional balance, complete meals prepared "from scratch".